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Our 49th Year

Longboat Key Lectures
Video Delayed One Week
Global Issues 2020
Lectures are held at Temple Beth Israel 567 Bay Isle Rd and start at 10:30 pm


Recordings of the 12 SILL Series III lectures will be shown on Thursday mornings at 10:30 am in the Temple Beth Israel sanctuary. The video will be the recording from the previous Thursday’s Sarasota lecture. The first video will be shown on Thursday, January 16, 2020 and the last on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

The showings are open to the public. Daily tickets to all lectures are $10 at the door. Payment may be made by cash or check only.

Temple Beth Israel phone: 941-383-3428
Visit the TBI website, www.tbi-lbk.org for information on the event

Click on title for lecture summary, click on speaker name for biography.

16 The National Security Challenge of China: Game On
Gary Roughead
23 Iranian-American Relations Update
Mohsen Milani
30 Changing Climate: Changing….Well….Everything
Terry Root
6 The European Union in Uncertain Times
Martin Walker
13 America's Nation-Building Efforts - What Have We Learned?
Jeremi Suri
20 Driven to Extremes
Margaret Jay
27 Solutions to Slavery in Our Country
Laurel Bellows
5 Fateful Choices in the Middle East: Israel and the United States
Dennis Ross
12 Battles of the Future: How Technology Replaces Traditional Weapons of War
Sean & Jessica McFate
19 China's Economic Challenges and U.S.-China Competition
David Dollar
26 Indispensable Nation? The U.S. Role in World Order
Robert Lieber
2 Putin and Our Presidential Elections
Robert Barylski