Speaker Change

Robert Lieber

When: Tue January 27 - Sarasota and Venice, Wed January 28 - Sarasota

Robert Lieber

Tuesday: "America's World Role: Still a Leader?"
Wednesday: "Germany's Future: European, Atlantic, or Global?"

Due to the weather in the US northeast, Ambassador Husain Haqqani is unable to reach Sarasota for his scheduled lectures this week.

Professor Robert J. Lieber will be participating in our Global Issues Series on Tuesday and Wednesday this week in his place.

Professor Lieber is Professor of Government and International Affairs at Georgetown University, where he has previously served as Chair of the Government Department and Interim Chair of Psychology. He is author or editor of sixteen books on international relations and U.S. foreign policy. He is currently on sabbatical on the “Culture Coast.” Click here to view his bio.

We apologize to those who were looking forward to the discussion of Pakistan and its region, but are we are pleased that Professor Lieber is able to share his expertise with us this week.

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