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Global Issues 2014

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Lectures are held in the Venice Community Center, 326 S Nokomis Ave
(next to the Venice Public Library), except Feb 28,
which will be held at the Venice Theatre, 140 West Tampa Ave

Lectures start at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays, at 10:00 am on Fridays.

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  Tuesday Friday
7 Middle East: Iran and the U.S. What to do about the Nuclear Issue?
Dr. Thomas Pickering
10 Clocks in the Middle East: Nobody is in the Same Time Zone
Hon. Molly Williamson
14 Cyber Security
Harvey Rishikof
17 The Economics of an Aging Population
Ms. Terry Savage
21 Iran's New President: How Moderate is He?
Dr. Mohsen Milani
24 Prospects for the Next Health Care Reformó2030
Dr. Troyan Brennan
28 The Reform That Wasn't
William Cohan
31 Battling for the New Asia
Martin Walker
4 Central Asia: From Obscurity to Center Stage
Dr. S. Enders Wimbush
7 Contemporary Mexico: Failed State or Vibrant Industrial Democracy?
Dr. Jorge Dominguez
11 The United States and China: Is Conflict Inevitable?
Amb. J. Stapleton Roy
14 The Promise and Prospects for Reforming the Delivery of Health Care
Dr. Marilyn Moon
18 Europe: Competitive, Complacent or Delusional?
Dr. Daniel Hamilton
21 The Obama Doctrine on War and Peace
Dr. Jerry Pubantz
25 United States Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa - Problems, Promise and Potential
Amb. Jim McGee
28 The Tortured Past and Present of Afghanistan Often Aggravated by Occupying Super Powers
Dr. Alam Payind
4 Turkey's Middle East Policy and U.S. Interests
Dr. Soner Cagaptay
7 Japan's Grand Strategy
Dr. Richard Samuels
11 The Evolving Asian Maritime Environment
Dr. Jonathan Pollack
14 China's Leaders and Their Path Since Deng Xiaoping: What It Means For The World
Dr. David Lampton
18 Who Stole the American Dream?
Hedrick Smith
21 The Parties versus the People: How to turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans
Mickey Edwards
25 Boston Marathon Bombing Revisited
Dr. Robert Barylski
28 India: Will the Transformation Continue?
Amb. Teresita Schaffer

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