Venice Lectures

Global Issues 2016

Lectures are held in the Venice Community Center, 326 S Nokomis Ave
(next to the Venice Public Library),

Lectures start at 2:30 pm on Tuesdays, at 10:00 am on Fridays.

Click on title for lecture summary, click on speaker name for biography.

  Tuesday Friday
5 China's Dream: The Hundred-Year Marathon
Dr. Michael Pillsbury
8 American Foreign Policy and World Order in an Election Year
Dr. Robert Lieber
12 The War in the Ukraine
Nolan Peterson
15 Current Issues in U.S. Intelligence
Dr. Mark Lowenthal
19 The Vladimir Putin Phenomenon
Dr. Robert Barylski
22 China Goes Global: The Partial Power
David Shambaugh
26 The Nuclear Dealís Impact on Iranian Politics and Society
Dr. Mohsen Milani
29 Surging American Inequality: How Much and Why?
Dr. Gary Burtless
2 The Global Refugee Crisis Ė Unprecedented in Scope and Scale
George Biddle
5 Russia and Putin: What Next?
Martin Walker
9 The Disunited United Kingdom
Baroness Margaret Jay
12 The Arctic
Amb. Kenneth Yalowitz
16 The Dangers of Demonization
Amb. Donald Gregg
19 Modern Mercenaries: How For-Profit Warriors are Changing Global Affairs
Dr. Sean McFate
23 High Cost Drugs: What is the Solution?
Dr. Troyen Brennan
26 Japanís Grand Strategy
Dr. Richard Samuels
1 The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan 2001-2014
Carlotta Gall
4 Measuring and Gaining U.S. Influence in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dr. Francisco Mora
8 The Military 15 Years After 9/11
Dr. Lawrence Korb
11 The Iran Deal and Its Implications
Dr. Nabeel Khoury
15 Turkey's Uncertain Future
Amb. James Jeffrey
18 Facing a World of Challenges
Amb. Christopher Hill
22 Ten Mega Trends Impacting Africa's Future
Amb. Johnnie Carson
25 Global Middle Class Instability
Amb. Richard Boucher