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Lectures are held at First United Methodist Church 104 S. Pineapple Ave. and start at 10:30 am

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6 Iran and the U.S.: War or Peace?
Dr. Thomas Pickering
7 The Exploding Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Thomas Pickering
8 Global Energy: How Things Go Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways
Hon. Molly Williamson
13 Between Radicalism and Pragmatism: Iran at Home, Iran Abroad
Dr. Haleh Esfandiari
14 Religion and the Role of Women in the Islamic World
Dr. Haleh Esfandiari
15 The Rebirth of Al Queda In Iraq
Jessica Lewis McFate
20 The Tumultuous Transformation of the Middle East: The End of Empire Without an Umpire
Mark Rosenblum
21 The Israeli-Palestinian Two- State Solution: Paradigm Lost?
Mark Rosenblum
22 The U.S. and the Great Powers in the Wake of Congressional Elections
Dr. Jerry Pubantz
27 Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan and the United States
Amb. Husain Haqqani
28 Pakistan and its Neighbors
Amb. Husain Haqqani
29 Europe and Putin
Martin Walker
3 The Global Refugee Crisis - Unprecedented in Scope and Scale
George Biddle
4 Syria - The Worst Humanitarian Crisis in a Generation
George Biddle
5 U.S. Security Forces: Post Realignment
Dr. John Williams
10 American Foreign Policy: New Thinking Needed on Russia
Dr. Robert Barylski
11 Russia, Ukraine, and the West: A Sobering Analysis
Dr. Robert Barylski
12 Top Secret America?
Dr. Joel Brenner
17 Brazil and Venezuela: Two Paths
Dr. Jorge Dominguez
18 Violence, Crime, Drugs, and Terrorists in Latin America
Dr. Jorge Dominguez
19 The Emerging Pattern of Relations in Northeast Asia
Amb. Donald Gregg
24 Can the British Ever Be True Europeans?
Hon. Margaret Jay
25 Growing Old in Europe and the U.S.A.: What’s the Difference?
Hon. Margaret Jay
26 Iran's Policy Towards Syria, Lebanon and Iraq: Is Iranian-American Cooperation Possible?
Dr. Mohsen Milani
3 Global Shift: The Future of American Power in a Globalized World
Roger Cohen
4 Europe on Edge: New Forms of Nationalism Unsettle the Continent
Roger Cohen
5 Iraq: the Pottery Barn Rule, Are We Responsible for the Mess or Does It Matter?
Amb. James Jeffrey
10 Responding to Failure: Reorganizing U.S. Policies in the Middle East
Amb. Chas Freeman Jr.
11 The U.S. and Saudi Arabia: A Marriage of Convenience on the Rocks
Amb. Chas Freeman Jr.
12 The Challenge of U.S. Economic Development in a Globalized World
Prof. Gary Fields
17 Cybersecurity Chaos: Impacts on Countries, Corporations, and Customers
Dr. Lance J. Hoffman
18 Who’s Watching You? Privacy in the Internet Age
Dr. Lance J. Hoffman
19 Reclaiming the American Dream
Hedrick Smith
24 Modi's India: Powering the Economy
Amb. Teresita Schaffer
25 Modi's India: The Global Vision
Amb. Teresita Schaffer
26 Power and Trust in U.S.-China Relations
Dr. David Lampton

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