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I have incredible news!

As you probably know, SILL’s Music Mondays in Sarasota sold out within nine days and, in less than two weeks after that, we heard from more than 200 people wanting tickets to an already sold-out season. So, we had to move. We outgrew our beloved Holley Hall, which can accommodate only 475 people, and decided The Church of the Palms on Bee Ridge and Lockwood Ridge – with a comfortable seating capacity of 1,000, a Steinway concert grand, ample parking for everyone, and all the audio/visual equipment we need – was the place for our move.

This all took place way before we even announced our season. And quite a season it will be. As always, every Monday will feature live and video performances by our guests, interspersed with intimate, in-depth conversations which will be led by me, Joseph Holt or Robert Sherman. As you know from past seasons, none of us is scripted so just about anything can happen, and it usually does. That’s what makes SILL’s Music Mondays different from your average lecture series.

Another thing that sets us apart from other series is our guests. Out of 12 programs, at least a quarter of our guests are well-known local musicians and performers. The rest come from all over the world. They’ve taken time from their busy schedules concertizing and performing in New York, Paris, London and Asia to visit Sarasota and share their lives and talents with us.

On the following pages, you’ll get an idea of some of the great talent we’ll be showcasing on Music Mondays. This season we cover a range of performers from composers and chamber musicians, to the people who train the dogs, camels and horses for performances with the Metropolitan Opera. Eclectic is Music Mondays’ middle name. Our goal on Music Mondays, as always, is to enlighten, entertain and educate. To do that, we are bringing musical guests who are funny, serious, uplifting, stimulating, expressive and impressive. Every week brings different ideas, different music and different discussions that we hope will inspire you and make you want to come back for more.

June LeBell

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