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SILL 2015

2015 marks the 44th season of the Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning.

Again this year, we will present an exciting series of lectures. From China and energy to the Middle East and cyber threats, some of the most compelling areas of interest to our 2015 audiences will be examined in depth by lecturers extremely well versed in these areas.

Many of the 2015 speakers are new to the SILL audiences, offering perspectives that have not been heard here before.

In addition, many of the topics will be explored further in the SILL Seminar Series.

Note that all Sarasota venues are new this year.
- Global Issues: First United Methodist Church, 104 S. Pineapple Ave.
- Music: Church of the Palms, 3224 Bee Ridge Road
- Seminars: St Armands Key Lutheran Church 40 N. Adams Dr

SILL 2015 promises to deliver a lecture series of exceptional breadth and depth on topics in the news today.

Experience SILL Seminars

Have you ever wished you could easily engage a SILL speaker with a question…and a follow-up question? Would you like to plumb a topic in more depth, enjoy informal give and take with a speaker, all in a small audience relaxed environment?

SILL Seminars provide all of this, and more.

Typically scheduled from 2 to 4:30 PM Thursday afternoons, the Thursday morning SILL lecturer conducts the afternoon seminar, expanding on the morning’s topic or branching off in a different direction but within the umbrella of the general topic. After the speaker’s opening remarks of a half-hour or so, the floor is open to whatever direction the participants wish to take it with their questions, observations and general comments. A lively exchange of ideas and information ensues. Speakers are open to clarifying and embellishing their initial remarks based on audience questions, and openly encourage an informal, conversational tone.

Midway through the session there is a short break for refreshments, and participants can help themselves to refills along the way. Audiences are limited to around three dozen participants, so everyone who cares to can engage the speaker.

Speakers look forward to the seminar experience, and as one said, it gives him “a chance to sit down in a relaxed but focused forum to carry on a serious dialogue with folks interested in the topic” and allows him “to go into greater depth to understand the ‘story’ behind the headlines”, leading to a better understanding as the topic unfolds in the future.

Treat yourself to a seminar in 2015, but order your tickets soon. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first served basis.


Our facilitators for this season’s Global Issues programs are:
Bob Barylski, Beth Cotner, Peter Huber,Jorie Lueloff, Lionel Olmer, Larry Rossini, Chet Thompson, Roy Turrett

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